Jellyfish Smack-a-Thon All Day (?) Starting at 1pm ET

December 12, 2006 · 0 comments

Update, 11:45pm ET: It’s over! Almost 11 hours of deals, including white gold .5K diamond earrings for 65.5% off, an Xbox 360 core system for 51.3% off, a Kitchen Aid Artisan Series 5-qt mixer for 46.6% off, a digital picture frame keychain for 68.4% off, a Braun Electric Shaver for 59.6% off… and I was THRILLED to win the Canon SD40 digital camcorder I’ve been wanting for 30.6% off ($425, compared to the lowest anywhere else at $550). Much fun was had by all! Tune in tomorrow at 1pm ET for their regular one-item, limited-quantities Smack Deal of the Day! will be running its popular reverse auction, the Jellyfish Smack, all day today beginning at 1pm ET. This is a great opportunity to finish up your Christmas shopping with some great bargains after rebate. More information on how the Smack Deals work is here. Click here to join if you haven’t already, so you won’t miss out on today’s shop-a-thon!
What’s great about online rebates, shopping through a rewards program or rebate portal, as they’re sometimes called, is that you don’t have to mutilate the box the item came in to cut off the UPC code to send in for a rebate. No filling out forms, no wondering whether the forms were received… you just shop through a rebate site and wait the required period, then you get your cash back. Simple!

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