Black Friday 24-Hour Smack Fest

November 23, 2006 · 1 comment

Update, 12/3: Because the Black Friday Jellyfish promotion was so successful, they’ll be doing a new 24-hour Smack again before Christmas! Details are promised this week and I’ll share them with you as soon as I get the scoop!
Tomorrow, on Black Friday, Jellyfish will have a special promotion, billed as “Smack Friday,” featuring products “geared for guys.”
Starting at 5am Central on Black Friday, every two hours a different item will be Smacked. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read the scoop on the Jellyfish Smack of the Day here.) This will continue for 24 hours. There will be at least one PS3 sold sometime during the sale.
If you haven’t watched a Smack — and the psychological warfare that goes on in chat during one — you’re in for an experience. During a Smack, an unknown quantity of some item is put up for sale and every second, the cashback percentage goes up…bringing down the price after rebate. You don’t know how low to let it go because the quantity remaining is unknown. Only Jellyfish knows, and they won’t tell. ;)
People will try to psyche you out by telling you to “press Alt-F4 to find out how many items are remaining” (this closes your browser, by the way). They’ll insist that the item is a piece of junk (so you won’t buy, and they can let the price drop some before THEY do). They’ll say they’re a Jellyfish employee and they know for a fact there are 500 items remaining, again, to keep the item from selling out before the price drops to their desired level. Oh, the games people play!
But these Smacks are addictive and this will be their first ever all-day Smack, with 24 hours of prices.
Make sure you understand: you will be charged the full “starting price” of the item. The cash back rebate is what increases as time passes, which brings down your cost after rebate. The rebate is deposited into your Jellyfish account in 60-90 days (after the return period for that merchant has passed), then you can withdraw it by requesting a check or a PayPal payment, if your cashback amount is over $10. (If not, it carries over until you do reach $10.)
Good luck, and see you in chat!

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Rebecca November 17, 2006 at 12:05 pm

Ebates is doing a big Cash Back Sale on Cyber Monday this year- the Monday after Thanksgiving. From 11am-3pm PST we are giving extra Cash Back at hundreds of merchants.
It’s a huge event- happy shopping! :)


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