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November 13, 2006 · 0 comments

There are a couple of rewards programs set up to help parents save for their children’s college education. You’ve heard of Upromise and BabyMint, but have you heard about LittleGrad? Click Continue Reading for the full review!

Please click here to join.
Date Launched: October 2005
Reward Per Dollar Spent: Varies
Earn For: Shopping Online
Rewards Available: Rebates go into your LittleGrad account and can be transferred quarterly to a Section 529 college savings plan ($50 minimum balance required) or to a checking or savings account (only $1 minimum balance required)
Limit One Account Per: U.S. resident of legal age in his home state
Dollar Value of a Point: N/A (rebate program)
Daily “Free” Points: N/A
Customer Service Contacts:
(1) 1400 participating online merchants, including Wal-Mart. Very competitive rates — I reviewed the site after releasing my 2006 Shopping Rebate Comparison Chart but they would have placed somewhere around 5th out of 18 programs.
(2) Rebates are transferrable to friends and family.
(3) The site offers a downloaded rebate reminder toolbar but its use is not mandatory. The toolbar is only compatible with IE.
(4) Accounts inactive for 12 months will be closed.
Why join What sets them apart from their competitors? Says Suzy DeLine, LittleGrad’s Chief Marketing Officer:
“We designed Little Grad to make it as easy as possible for parents to get into the habit of saving for college. We are all busy parents of young kids, with a desire to use technology to make things easier! Here is how that benefits our members.
- Largest network, over 1400 retailers and growing.
- Highest rewards, keen focus on online retailing & Savings Manager software ensure maximum savings for user.
- Easiest setup. 3 simple steps, including family and friend invitations
- Most appealing. Mom-Friendly look and feel
- Most flexible. Can work with any saving plan, from 529 to simple checking account.”
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