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November 10, 2006 · 0 comments

Lightspeed Panel Review
I just realized that I haven’t mentioned Lightspeed Panel on either of my primary websites and I have to apologize. That is doing you a major disservice.
I LOVE Lightspeed Panel. They send you surveys by email (or you can log into their website to see if any are available), and these surveys are worth varying amounts of points — 75, 150, or 300 are the most common amounts — and then you can turn around and cash those points in for various redemptions including Amazon GCs, PayPal, Applebee’s GCs, Old Navy/Gap GCs, and merchandise.
In looking at my payment history for this year, I see that I’ve earned $20 in PayPal and $40 in Amazon credit just from doing these little surveys…and I could’ve earned a lot more if I was better at catching the surveys soon after they’re sent out (before they’ve reached their quota of respondents).
This is my link to join if you’d like to try it out. They send out Amazon GCs “instantly” when you cash out (I dunno about “instantly,” but it’s usually the same day) — it would be an easy way to build up your holiday shopping funds!

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