BondRewards Comments on “Best Rebates” Award

November 10, 2006 · 0 comments

As you know if you’re a regular reader here, every year I put together a shopping rebates comparison chart, where I analyze rebate rates of 17 online rewards programs — both those that pay in cashback percentages and those that pay in “points per dollar” (after converting those points to percentages, of course). I just released this year’s comparison, and the standout winner was a program called BondRewards. I received this response from the company regarding their performance in the analysis:
“We were very excited to be awarded shopping rebate site of 2006, we intend to pursue being strong consumer advocates with many new features added soon to our already very successful program.
These benefits will allow consumers to always get more!
Thank you so much for this honor, our entire company from investors to employees are deserving of this attention. They all work tirelessly on behalf of consumers everywhere.
Miriam McDermott
Senior Vice President”
My review of BondRewards is here.

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