Auctions at ClicktotheMagic

October 24, 2002 · 0 comments

ClicktotheMagic’s gone and done it again — they’re offering a new feature that none of the other RPs (to my knowledge) are offering: auctions payable by points.
Remember that roughly 200 points = $1, and don’t get carried away!
As I write this, the Mike the Monsters Inc. Talking Doll is bidding for 560 points (under 3 bucks…pretty good), the Atlantis Video Game for the PC is up to 600 points (right at $3…also pretty good), and the Mickey Mouse Bottle Opener/Keychain is bidding for 165 (under a dollar…can’t beat that!).
To read our review and/or join ClicktotheMagic, click here.
To read our exclusive interview with CTTM founder Bonnie Corso, click here.

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