Five Years Online

October 19, 2006 · 0 comments

Today marks the fifth anniversary of While I had posted reviews and news about rewards programs prior to that time on a personal website, it was five years ago that I registered the URL to focus exclusively on the subject.
The site looks a lot different now than it did back then. The oldest archived backup of the site on is here, and it’s from May of 2002, when the site was 6 months old. As you can see, it’s a very stripped-down version of the information available onsite now.
In addition, the whole rewards program landscape is very different now than it was 5 years ago. No longer with us are some of the then-popular programs I had reviews online for back then, including Fatshoe, Blink, Trocamania, and PrimaRewards. Others that came and went include Prizebuddies, Disneyawards, Treasuresurfing, AllThingsRewarded, ReadersWritersRewards, UrbanFreebies, MobiusMoney… oh, let me just stop. The list goes on and on.
The trend over time has been that free, non-spending points, have diminished greatly. Unless the click is sponsored in some way, sites can’t afford to just give away money anymore. There’s a much more competitive atmosphere about rebate rates — consumers are more informed about their rewards program options, and they’re aware of the tradeoffs (free points have to be paid for somehow, and that generally means lower rebate rates for shopping).
The industry has been fascinating to follow, and I appreciate your site visits, and your insightful and informative comments and emails.
Here’s to five more years!

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