New (To Me) Redemptions at Milesource

October 16, 2006 · 0 comments

I wandered over to today to see if the site has improved much under its new management and was pleasantly surprised. When I last checked their redemption section, in February, there wasn’t much there at all — NOTHING, in fact, for under 5000 points.
Today I found 47 redemptions under 5000 points, including a $5 Supercertificate from for 2600 points. (I’d choose that over the samples offered at the same price ANY day.)
In looking at the numbers, it turns out that a $20 Supercertificate at Milesource is a better value than a $25 one. A $20 Supercert for 7000 points gives you a dollar value per point of $0.0029. A $25 Supercert, which costs 11,000 points, gives you a point value of $0.0023.
At around 30 free, non-spending points per day, it will take you a while to cash out for any prize. I’m working up my annual shopping comparison, converting points to percentages for popular merchants, and that’ll tell us how Milesource stacks up to the competition on shopping offers. Stay tuned for that.
But in the meanwhile… I will say that I’m pleased that Milesource is offering many new redemptions and continues to offer a fair number of free daily points (around 8.5c worth). I just cashed out today and will let you know shortly if they have made improvements to their redemption waits.
If you’d like to give Milesource a try, please click here.

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