October 18, 2002 · 1 comment

If you’re looking for coupon codes to use (before you shop through your favorite Rewards Program, of course!), make sure you look first at Savings-Center! I LOVE this site! Bookmark it!
You can search by store name or by category, plus there are sections where expiring codes are listed as well as new ones. I know that’s kinda standard, but these guys cover more stores, and for each store they have more codes, than I’ve found anywhere else.
Their Sales section is awesome, too. I dunno of any other website doing this. The Sales section contains a listing (by store, or by all stores) BY PERCENTAGE OFF, of all the sales — including whether the item’s in stock and if it offers free shipping.
THIS IS NOT A PAID AD! I sincerely really love and you seldom hear people mention the site so I wanted to put it center stage today. Hope this helps some folks out — goodness knows the site has saved me enough money!

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mary November 17, 2002 at 9:10 am

milesource is currently offering 3 points per $3 spent instead of their usual 2.


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