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October 7, 2006 · 0 comments

You’ll notice that I link to the site in my Consumer Resources links; their site combines a listing of rewards for each merchant (primarily airline and hotel rewards) with a comparison shopping engine. (A complete list of programs they monitor is here.)
I got a nice email the other day from their founder and CEO, Scott Cherkin, letting me know that they now also include rewards available from several programs we analyze here, including MyPoints, ClubMom, and uPromise. In addition, they’ve just launched a new wireless site that you can access by phone right when you’re ready to check into a hotel or get a rental car, for example, and it’s located here:
If you want to know who rewards for purchases at a particular merchant, or if you want the lowest price for a specific item with available rewards listed, DealMine is a great resource for you. Definitely worth a bookmark.

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