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October 16, 2002 · 1 comment

In case you missed yesterday’s email to former Freeride users, it sounds like they want to use their former user base as the basis of some forthcoming paid-email program. Dunno about y’all, but that last incarnation of Freeride left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Will wait for the details before making a decision, though. Here’s the text of the email:
Hi FreeRiders,
To those of you who were part of our test re-launch earlier this year, thanks again. To those who missed it, we hope you’ll welcome this blast from the past.
As FreeRide struggles for its future, one thing has become clear: Either we quickly re-invent ourselves, or we join the dot-com scrap heap.
The fact is, Web marketers have dramatically shifted their spending from site-based to direct e-mail marketing. That’s why we’re considering shifting our focus (for the time being, at least) from a site-based to an email-based rewards program. But before we give it a try, we want to know what you think.
Please give us your feedback by clicking one of the choices below:
YES, I might be interested in an email-based rewards program.
NO, I definitely wouldn’t be interested.
Thanks for your help. We’ll try to keep you updated on the results, and any future FreeRide developments.
Sincerely, The FreeRide Team

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Laura October 16, 2002 at 11:17 pm

I have mixed feeling about this. I also recieved that e-mail but it worries me…i was dissapointed when freeride version 2 failed. I dont want to loose a freeride 3 !


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