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September 19, 2006 · 0 comments

Notice that I didn’t title this, “The Most Popular Rewards Programs.” This is a ranking of rewards programs based on their traffic rankings at Alexa.com. Alexa ranks websites based on the number of site visits they receive, on average, in a 3 month period, along with some other factors like the average number of pages on that site that the visitor views. (More info here.)
This does NOT mean that Alexa ranks the sites based on the number of active users. A site might have more traffic if it’s running ads — people could visit the site and not join. It might also have an artificially inflated traffic number if it’s running some kind of daily promotion, like the MyPoints daily backpack game that just ended — people who don’t usually visit the site may do so just to play the game. And I do want to stress that just because a program has high traffic, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily *better*; some of my favorite rewards programs are those that are smaller and can give more personalized service.
So, for what it’s worth, here are the Alexa rankings for the rewards programs I checked today:
MyPoints (1,025) — this means it’s the 1,025th most visited site on the ‘net
Ebates (4,468)
Memolink (6,671)
ClubMom (10,994)
Freeride (27,357)
FusionCash.net (46,829)
QuickRewards.net (54,972)
CreationsRewards.net (61,002)
Milesource (62,201)
FreestyleRewards (225,515)
Greenpoints (234,813)
BabyMint (429,701)
PointPool (812,863)
ClickToTheMagic (1,698,676)
For comparison’s sake, CompareRewards.com comes in at 403,014. I get around 300 site visits per day and about 2 pages per visitor on average.

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