E-Rewards Considering Changes?

August 31, 2006 · 0 comments

On Tuesday, E-Rewards.com sent out a member satisfaction survey with some questions about how their program compares to other survey sites. Some questions included, “How many other survey sites do you do? How does E-Rewards compare to these other programs?”
One question that was long overdue, and the answer should be glaringly obvious to their staff already, was about member satisfaction with the redemptions available from their program.
E-Rewards pays its members in “E-Currency,” redeemable for airline miles, discounts on purchases from several merchants, magazine subscriptions, or free Blockbuster rentals. Though the magazine subscriptions are a nice recent addition, the selection is weak and the value for the E-Currency spent is pretty poor. Many of the magazines up for redemption (Maxim, Stuff, Blender, Latina, Cruising World, EGM) are frequently available for free through promotional links on other sites. (I post them pretty frequently on TipBlog.) Bassmaster, which goes for $20 in E-Currency for 11 issues, can be purchased through Netmagazines for $5 for 33 issues. See MagazinePriceSearch for other magazine cost comparisons.
The purchase discounts offered in many cases still require a high purchase amount to receive the discount — $50 in E-Currency will get you $50 off at AbtElectronics…but only on a $250 purchase. Rewards that require you to spend a lot more money…aren’t much of a reward. So for the longest time, the Blockbuster redemption, which gives you one free movie rental a month for six months, for $25 in E-Currency, has generally been the members’ favorite. Its real dollar value actually exceeds the E-Currency cost, and it doesn’t require any additional spending on the member’s part.
If you’re an E-Rewards member, please look for and complete the member satisfaction survey and help get the message across to E-Rewards that we need some improvements in their rewards selection.

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