Under New Management

July 6, 2006 · 1 comment

Long-time members of the Milesource rewards program remember when it was a real player in the rewards program business, but complaints of poor to non-existent customer service, few redemption options, long redemption waits, and low rebate rates have plagued the program in recent years.
I talked with Sunny Mallavarapu, Director of Affiliate and Content Membership Operation for Ampere Media, about this in email.
“I was recently brought on to run as a joint effort between Silver Carrot’s NY office and Ampere’s Chicago based office. Over the past year MileSource had been running with little management and resources. This has absolutely hurt the site and its members. We are currently soft launching the site again, and are now making changes on a hourly basis.
As you know was once a large player among point sites, and we plan on being nothing less in the coming months.
As far as changes there many in the works….. I can’t really explain them all, but by no means will any of them cause negative effects to members but the opposite. Members who have stayed with the program during what looks like to me as being hard times for the site, will be rewarded for their lasting loyalty.
As well new options and ways to receive points will be added very soon, so getting 50,000+ miles and getting good rewards over $100 will be available.
The negative comments were true for the most part, the site has had some hard times. Unlike other sites on hard times, fought through it rather than folding and abandoning its members.
I am excited to be part of a very good team, and hopefully members will be enthused with the changes as they occur.”
If you’re curious, Milesource’s owner, SilverCarrot, acquired Ampere Media in October 2005. One can only hope that the change of management from SilverCarrot to its subsidiary, Ampere, will mean more focused attention to Milesource and an improvement in operations.

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mary huston August 1, 2006 at 4:13 pm

I can only hope your “dreams” come true. I have been a member of milesource since 2000 and until the last year had little to complain about. But now I am still waiting for a redemption made last Sept and another made 2 months ago. This kind of service really has not excuse.


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