Earning with Referrals

October 2, 2002

In the process of updating, 02/06
Once you’ve chosen a rewards program, or a couple of them, you may be so enthusiastic that you want to spread the word to your friends. One little-known feature of many rewards programs is the option to refer new members. If you have a favorite rewards program and you think a friend might be interested in joining, some programs will have a form for you to fill out with your friend’s name and email address (or they may have a special, personalized link that you can email to people on your own)…and when your friends join and make a purchase, you’ll get points or some other kind of perk for it!
How Much Are My Referrals Worth? Referral Earnings by Program
$5 once your referral earns $25
$25 min. to redeem
No referrals to members of same household or immediate family
100 points per referral after they earn 200 points
2,000 points to redeem (for $10 PP)
Four tiered, 5% of each
$20 min. payout
$5 for each referral that makes a purchase
$5.01 min. to redeem, paid quarterly by check
Limit one account per individual 18+ with unique email address
100 points for each referral who joins within 2 weeks and visits the site 2+ times
2,500 min. points to redeem (all prizes are merchandise)
One account per individual 13+ (under 18 requires parent’s permission)
4 tiers, earn 10% on your referrals, and 5% on next three tiers
Min. to redeem 2500 (for 3 BB video rentals among others

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