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May 27, 2006 · 1 comment

Last night, CTTM went back online. Redemptions are “going out in the next two weeks.” If you want to redeem points in your account now, there are none online, but the site promises more info in the next few days about some kind of mall redemption area to be added soon.
Perhaps coincidentally, within seconds of going to the new CTTM site, some kind of file downloaded (getting past my Prompt on Download IE setting AND my firewall), and the firewall notified me that two different programs that I never heard of were trying to connect to the internet. I’m off to run a virus scanner, Adaware, and Spybot, but my recommendation in the meantime: don’t even go to CTTM until we get some reports that redemptions are being sent out and that new redemptions are being allowed. Aside from the unwanted file download which COULD be a coincidence, this site does not have a positive track record and if all you can do is earn points you can’t redeem, why bother? I hope that the site turns itself around but until then, I would suggest a wait-and-see attitude. Let’s hear the buzz on payments first, and do our offers and shopping through sites that we KNOW will pay us (and sometime this year).

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Andrew Cram May 27, 2006 at 8:53 pm

I just accessed the CTTM from a mac and had 2 files download – pre.emf & pre-1.emf (benefit of the mac is that even though they download they then do nothing ;) ) – so there is definitely something going on with the site. It may just be a javascript error but I think it may well be something less harmless…..


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