Click to the Magic Down But Not Out, Says Owner

May 10, 2006 · 0 comments

Bonnie Corso of emailed a member, who was kind enough to forward the message on to me, saying that her site would return:
“We’re just about ready. We decided to do whatever necessary to host ourselves. That included purchasing hardware, software, and getting lines run. We’ve got everything ready, just now to put it all together. Software is loaded onto the hardware, lines are installed, we just now need to put the site on the server and update the IP address. I am tired of dealing with hosting companies that are run by inexperienced kids. The last one was pulling as major temper tantrum and wouldn’t do anything more to work us on trying to fix an issue.
I had no idea how long this was all going to take! Its been 2 months and I’m going through withdrawals!!!! As long as everything updates the way it should, we should be back online next week. It’s been a huge learning process for me, even though I took classes on hosting and worked in IT for years, to actually do it for yourself is a major project.
Please let everyone know, even though the site isn’t showing, its still in the works.
Thank you!!

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