Program Owners Talk About Effect of Metareward Closing

April 14, 2006 · 0 comments

I’m going to start this with a brief explanation to members who really aren’t sure WHAT Metareward is. Metareward didn’t just run NetFlip, they also made their offer portal available to other websites.
If you’ve ever done one of those signups that require a credit card where you might pay $1 for a month-long trial of a service and get paid $10 for it… then you may very well have been doing a Metareward offer. You just didn’t know it, because the portal was personalized for the rewards program you were using.
Now, like me, you may be wondering how Metareward closing is going to affect us. I contacted the owners of a couple of the rewards programs to find out.
My question: Will Metareward closing have an impact on the number and type of offers you’re able to offer members of your site?
FusionCash Support replied, “No, nothing significant. There may be some very small payout drops as a result but they had very few exclusive offers. We are already working on a transition gameplan. Most likely, users of FusionCash will not even notice a difference.”
James of QuizPoints replied, “We’re not concerned. This means less competition…QuizPoints works directly with many different advertisers, and we are positioning ourselves to expand our efforts in direct partnerships.”
Chris of CreationsRewards said, “For me, it shouldn’t really impact anything. (I did waste a lot of time adding in the Meta offers to the website after I re-launched, and will have to change out links now!) For the most part, the same offers are available elsewhere. I don’t see much of an impact since this is not one of our main money makers, and I’ll be able to ‘recover’ most offers from other sources. Going forward, I have a positive attitude, as I am currently researching new ways to earn points for the members. Every so often the industry has an event like this happen, and you simply have to adjust to it.”
Dmitry of QuickRewards said, “QuickRewards maintains very close relationships with its advertisers to bring members the newest campaigns on a regular basis. These relationships allow us to constantly add new offers. The fact that Metareward’s portal is closing will not change anything since we have other advertisers offering the same offers as well as new offers that we will be adding soon.”
So basically they don’t seem too concerned. They think they can either work out a direct relationship with the advertisers or find most of the offers through other affiliate programs, so they’ll just change some code and members won’t see much difference. A few offers may go away. And those that remain may change in value. But the program owners seemed pretty positive and upbeat about it, downplaying the impact that it will have on their members.
If you’re a big fan of those offers that require a credit card (and some that didn’t), over the next month be on the lookout for some changes. You may want to go ahead and go do some offers in the next two weeks, because some offers may go away or be worth slightly less after Metareward shuts down.

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