NetFlip to Close as Experian Ditches Incentive Reward Sites

April 13, 2006 · 0 comments

NetFlip posted a message on their site on 4/5 that they would be “phasing out of service.” Members have until 5/5 to complete offers, and until 7/5 to cash out.
In December 2003, the credit reporting agency Experian bought Metareward, the company that owned NetFlip along with several other sites (MisterPoints, FreeGiftCentral, and MovieTicketSource). I visited those other sites this morning and got the standard “enter your email address to take part in our offers” page, and they were saying that “RewardsVenue” was the owner of those sites. has the same message on it that NetFlip has — that it’s phasing out of business, but it was posted on the 11th and has a different deadline for earning.
I checked and someone had posted this from an email sent out on Tuesday by Metareward to their affiliates:
“MetaReward today announced that we have decided to exit the incentive marketing business. Your MetaReward account will not be affected as we will continue to focus on our non-incentive credit card marketing business. In fact, we will be introducing several new credit card products and technologies in the very near future that are targeted to credit card marketers.”
Metareward had been contracting out its rewards platform so that anyone can run a rewards program; it would be re-branded with your company name but it would essentially look like NetFlip. So, it looks like Experian just decided to get out of the incentive rewards business. If there were any other Metareward portals that you used (aside from NetFlip), they’ll be shutting down also.
(Thanks go to Matt for the heads-up, to Jay Weintraub for breaking the story here and for the interesting article here, and to David Lewis for posting the email here.)

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