ParadePerks Scrambles to Leave Members with Goodwill as Final Redemption Info Posted Today

April 10, 2006 · 1 comment

The ParadePerks rewards program, which shut down on April 1, posted this morning the details on how members can cash out any unused points in their accounts.

If you had a minimum of 400,000 points in your account, you can email them at with your name (first and last) and the email address you used on the site and they’ll confirm your point balance, and will email you back “approximately” on April 19th with a link to the available redemptions.

These redemptions will be for points only, NO CASH REQUIRED, and Parade will even pick up the tab for shipping and handling. ONE item per person. You’ll have ’til August 19th to request it.

This is a very, very smart move on Parade’s part — those folks who were with the program for a while, who had the most to lose by it going under (and who, you’d assume, were the angriest) will be able to at least get SOMETHING for their troubles. By providing them with the opportunity to receive a totally free prize, Parade is hoping to earn back some respect, credibility, and good will with these former members who supported them in their failed attempt at a rewards program.

Good move, Parade. Now don’t screw it up. When the prize catalog goes live, make sure you have sufficient quantities of prizes (you have the membership data, there’s no excuse for being surprised), and if you offer people pencils with “Parade” stamped on them, expect an angry mob at the doors to your New York City offices. We don’t expect TVs and iPods, but don’t low-ball us with dollar store crud, either.

Glad to see that Parade is going to make an attempt at letting us redeem our outstanding points. Hope they do it right.

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Anonymous April 10, 2006 at 9:20 am

The info is up now. You have to email them (use the link on the site) to see if you can cash-out.


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