Reminder: Last Day of the Month to Request Payment

March 31, 2006 · 0 comments

If you’re a member of, don’t forget that you have to request payment on the last day of the month (that’s today!) to be paid by the 20th of the following month.
I’ve written before about how happy I am with FC and I continue to be impressed. I’ve been paid on time or early 4 months in a row: $67 in December, $116 in January, $85 in February, and $68 in March. I just cashed out for my April payment of $109.
Any time I’ve submitted a question via their support form, I’ve gotten a response within 12 hours (or sooner)…and a pleasant and helpful one at that!
The key to earning with FusionCash is being organized: note when you joined a program, the time limit to cancel without further charges, and when you cancelled. Keep all your emails. And I like to use a one-time use credit card number (if you have an MBNA or AmEx card, log into your account online to create one) or a prepaid debit card just in case…but if you’re organized enough, that’s not really necessary.
I haven’t had any crediting problems with FusionCash. They even email you to let you know when your account has been credited for a particular offer (some credit instantly, like the StarClubRewards one I did this morning…$1 for a one month trial, and your FusionCash account is credited $13.20 instantly). BUT, keeping an email trail is always a good idea just in case!
So, those are my tips for FusionCash. The more organized you are, the more offers you can complete…thus the more money you will earn. But don’t take my word for it — give ‘em a try; join here!

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