OpinionOutpost.com Survey Site Review

March 19, 2006 · 1 comment

I just cashed out for the first time at Opinion Outpost and wanted to recommend it to y’all. I joined it last summer and did a survey, then I didn’t hear anything else from them. Turned out that their surveys were going to my spam folder. I added the correct email address to my address book and got another survey two days later… and had enough points to cash out for a $5.00 check!
They pay by check when you have a minimum of $5.00 in your account. One point = 10 cents. I got even got paid 2 points, or 20 cents, for attempting a survey but not qualifying for it! Can’t beat THAT deal!
Here’s my link to join (thanks)…be sure that you add opinionoutpost.com to your address book…info on how to do this for specific email providers is here.
Update, 9/12/06: I have been paid by Opinion Outpost twice — the first time in about 4 weeks, and the second within 2. Make sure you follow the instructions on their site to add them to your address book!
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anna jackson October 23, 2008 at 11:19 am

Review on an Australian Company. Do not, i repeat, DO NOT join
http://www.paidsurvey.com.au – (NOT the same as paidsurvey.com)they are a complete scam – you pay $37 and then what you get for your moeny is a very poorly written word document with a few links to survey sites that you can easily find yourself, and they tell you to join SurveyScout!! Thats what you pay them for – to refer you to another paid website. And no refund policy, of course. What a surprise. Please pass this info on to stop others being scammed!! Thanks.


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