More Praise for FusionCash; LampsPlus Offer is Back

February 26, 2006 · 1 comment

Once again, I’ve got nothing but praise for I got paid again this month on the 19th as promised, $84.60 PayPal. That’s a total of $267.60 in three months!
This month I got $13.80 for a FREE 30 day trial to Games (it required a CC#, so I used a prepaid card that has only a few dollars left on it…the offer credited immediately) and $11.40 for their RealtyStore offer (I had to create a temporary credit card number for $40 to get this one to go through although I only paid $1, and it took about a week to credit).
If you didn’t get in on their LampsPlus offer when they had it up before, it’s back now: $18 for placing any order there. (I had ordered $2.49 lightbulbs that shipped free.)
Remember to request your cashout before 2/28 to get paid on or before 3/20!

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Steve Richter February 28, 2006 at 10:27 am

Hi all,
Unfortunately the Lamps Plus offer has been taken down again. This is due to the advertiser’s request. We do have a few new offers, including the Tickle Test, which costs only $4.95 for your results and you get $27.


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