Borders Rewards

February 21, 2006 · 0 comments

Borders bookstores — including Waldenbooks — launched their own free rewards program today. Borders Rewards will offer customers a couple of benefits: spend $50+ in a month, get a one day 10% off coupon; weekly discounts by email and in-store; and this one’s a little different, 5% of all qualifying purchases made throughout the year will go into a “personal Holiday Savings Account” which can be used on purchases from 11/15 to 1/15 each year (exactly how that works wasn’t spelled out).
Join at any store by providing an email address, and register your card online for more benefits.
The news release is here.
With the exception of the Holiday Savings account, this sounds pretty similar to the program they had in place up until a year or so ago. Eh, free discounts, can’t complain about that.

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