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I received an email from a super-nice guy the other day who’s as passionate about the advantages of online shopping as I am, and his frustration with missing out on “the best” rebates available motivated him to start his own website, Evreward.com. Evreward lists the available rebates by merchant, in percentages or points per dollar, for various online rewards programs. The site is still in beta testing and not all rewards programs are represented (obviously that would be a huge task) but you can at least see many of the bigger programs like BabyMint, ClubMom, Ebates, FatWallet, MyPoints, and uPromise. It also includes a few sites that I don’t currently cover on CompareRewards (which has prompted me to look into them for potential future reviews).
There are three ways you can use the site. You can type in the name of the online store and it’ll pull up the participating rewards programs. Or, you can choose to search stores by category…and within the category (for instance, baby clothing), you can view the stores alphabetically or choose to sort by the best rebate percentages each store has.
The third way to use the site is, I think, the coolest. Add the Evreward bookmarklet to your favorites (follow the instructions on the site for how to do this). Then when you’re on a merchant’s site and you want to find out who rewards for them, just click the Evreward bookmarklet, and it will take you directly to the merchant’s page on Evreward.
When you’re on a merchant’s page on Evreward, one click takes you not just to the rewards program you want, but directly to the merchant’s page on that rewards program’s site.
Like it? Hate it? Suggestions? Email the site’s owner and let him know what you think, or leave a comment here. I’m psyched, and I’m hopeful that Evreward will help save me, and the other online shoppers out there, a lot of time and effort.
Please remember that you can’t tell which site offers the best deal just by looking at the NUMBER of points per dollar it pays; you need to know how much those points are worth at that program. I’ve calculated those point values for you here on CompareRewards; just look at the review for each program. Multiply the value by the points per dollar they pay for your desired merchant, and move the decimal over two places to convert it to percent.
More than willing to help anyone with this if you need further explanation or help with the calculations, just email me. See my Dollar Value of a Point section for more information.

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