Yahoo Considers Rewards Program

February 10, 2006 · 0 comments

I had heard this before a few weeks ago but blew it off as just being rumors and hearsay…when I read this article today I figured I’d share it just in case something develops from it.
Basically what’s happening is, there is a search engine war going on, with everyone wanting a piece of Google’s action, as it’s the biggest player. Amazon’s A9 program offers its frequent searchers a discount on Amazon products. Yahoo is now considering some kind of similar incentive program to get people to use their search engine.
According to a survey Yahoo sent out to its email users, some of the rewards they’re considering offering include 250 frequent-flier miles a month, five free music downloads a month, Netflix discounts, etc. — nothing that will be much of a threat to the rewards program industry, but it would be somewhat of a motivator for folks to consider using Yahoo’s search function over Google’s.

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