Memolink To Modify Memogold

February 1, 2006 · 0 comments

In Memolink’s monthly newsletter today, the site promises upcoming changes to its Memogold program: “You asked and we listened. We’re changing the Memogold program! All the details will be coming soon.”
Memogold was originally unveiled as a method of placating increasingly vocal members who were irritated at slow-to-no payments from Memolink. It promised extra points for many activities on the site and, originally, priority handling of customer service and new redemptions. They backed off on that rather quickly. As Memogold status was only given gratis for 6 months and renewal requirements involved earning a significant number of points through the site, members found themselves dropped back to standard Memolink status fairly quickly.
When Memolink revamped its site last year, Memogold status was granted based on a cryptic “star system.” When members pushed for what exactly was required in order to “fill up their stars” and achieve Memogold status, the bottom-line response was, “You have to do things that earn us money” — a vague answer but at least a bluntly honest one.
Now, months later, it appears that SOMEONE within the Memolink organization has finally gotten a clue and realized that a cryptic system can’t possibly be a motivational one. If people don’t understand EXACTLY what is expected of them to achieve Memogold status, how are they going to strive for it?
But perhaps I give them too much credit. Perhaps the new system will be just as unclear as the old one but with more bells and whistles. Or maybe they’re just changing the stars to happy faces. Hey, here’s a suggestion: change the stars to little pictures of dollar bills going directly into David Asseoff’s already overstuffed wallet!
Just passing along the information in case anyone is still wasting their time with those guys.

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