TampaBayLightning Rewards Program

February 1, 2006 · 0 comments

Want to earn a free McDonalds’ Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Value Meal in 15 minutes or less? I did it! Read on!
TampaBayLightning “V-Ego” Rewards Program Review
Link to join: http://www.tampabaylightning.com/tbl/content.cfm?pageid=1536
Earn points by: Logging in daily (10 points), for each page visit on the site (1 point each), “and extra points for special areas of the site, such as participating in the Blog.” Also, receive 100 points just for signing up.
Dollar value of a point: Varies and tricky to calculate because prizes are merchandise — assume about $0.0343 per point for the McDonalds GC (assuming it’s worth around $6) and about $0.0158 per point for pair of game tickets (assuming they’d send the cheapest, which are $19 each).
Available prizes include: McDonalds Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese Extra Value Meal, Champs Discount ($10 off a $50 purchase), Lightning Tickets and Memorabilia
Full list of prizes: http://www.tampabaylightning.com/tbl/vego.cfm?actn=shop&shop=1
Notes: Maximum of 300 points daily. No shipping is charged on prizes sent to the US and Canada. Very similar program to the now-defunct CBS Sportsline Rewards. Only 8 redemption options currently, this appears to be a new program so maybe we’ll see more prizes added soon.
Tip: When you surf around on the site and land on a page that has a URL ending in a number, just go up to the link, add 1 to the number, and hit enter. Makes getting in your 300 daily points faster.

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