A Couple of Parade Perks Updates

December 27, 2005 · 0 comments

Thanks to a couple of my wonderful tipsters, I can share the following info with you:

1. Parade is aware of the glitch that allows members to reach the max of 250,000 daily points. They say the advertiser wanted to allow members to take their quiz multiple times in order to better familiarize them with their product, however, Parade is “monitoring” the situation for signs of “abuse.” (Whether they’ll do anything about it, and what exactly they would do, wasn’t spelled out.)

2. The VIP surveys that many users have been waiting on, that allow Gold or Platinum users to cash out their points, are forthcoming. Parade says they expect them to be available “within the next week.” Members will be notified by email when they’re up.

Members submitting an email to customer service about these issues were given a code for an additional 10,000 points: custserv – if you weren’t personally given the code, use it at your own risk.

Many thanks to the folks emailing me with this great info — please pass along any additional information you receive!

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