Status of United Airlines’ (MyPoints’ Parent Company’s) Bankruptcy

December 6, 2005 · 3 comments

Update, 4/06: MyPoints has been sold; read more here.
If you’re a member of as I’ve been, for quite a few years now, you’re as antsy as I am to find out what’s going on with the bankruptcy proceedings of MP’s parent company, United Airlines. In September, the Chicago Tribune reported that United announced to the bankruptcy judge that it was planning to sell MyPoints as part of its plan to emerge from bankruptcy this coming February. (See my posts about that here and here.)
With the Christmas season upon us and folks being tempted by the double-points offers coming up in MyPoints’ Instant Win game, and no new news on the horizon, you may be wondering if this mess has somehow blown over and our beloved MyPoints has been somehow saved.
This is the latest update I can find: United mailed out 90,000 “voting packets” to its creditors in late Nov.-early Dec. More than half who vote must approve their reorganization plan. It was said, though, that a) the judge can override a less-than-half vote if he feels the plan is fair, and b) United wouldn’t have put the plan up for a vote if they didn’t already have the approval of their largest creditors.
Creditors have until 12/19 to vote. On January 18, United will go back to court for more hearings. If all goes according to plan, the vote will be over 50%, the judge will bless it, and they’ll officially be out of bankruptcy by early February. There’s a chance that there will be objections filed that will push it back some.
So, that’s the latest. I can’t bring myself to do any shopping through them because their future is so iffy. Will they still be around when my shopping points finally credit? And how many points will it take to cash out then? (shrug) Just so you know, this situation hasn’t magically resolved itself — MyPoints IS still in limbo, and my suggestion remains that you do your shopping through rewards programs that are a little more stable.

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Barry Smith December 9, 2005 at 3:33 am owes me over 6,000 points. I have almost 10,000 which took me over a year to earn. I needed the additional 6,000 I earned to get my son something he needs for his health. Mypoints continues to receive money for the advertising they are doing (doesn’t cost much to send numerous emails everyday) and not award points. My points members who buy items from these companies and join clubs make money for mypoints. But I haven’t gotten what I earned my points. It’s been 4 months and they don’t answer countless messages, don’t answer the phone. When he have answered the phone, they are rude, talk real softly so you can’t understand them, say they will give the message and number to a supervisor, who never calls back. If they don’t give the points they contracted for with me and other members, it is fraud. I warn anyone else from spending money etc. on the con promise that you will get benefits. I haven’t and I’ve seen message boards all over the internet where other members aren’t either. The companies who mypoints is telling they are giving these points to, are being told. This is serious. It’s stealing. They stole my son’s Christmas present and I can’t afford to go buy one. If I hadn’t spent the money to pay for things through mypoints companies so mypoints could enjoy their Christmas with my money, I could have gone out and bought my son what he needed. Mypoints stole that. They don’t need to get by with it and continue to hurt other people, children, companies, the elderly, and young people. operates out of California so members need to write complaints to the Attorney Generals office online, fill out the Better Business Bureau complaint form against online (you go and search for Mypoints on the BBB site and it will come up), and email the companies you bought from and clubs you joined where mypoints promised they would give you the points you earned for doing this and go on their site and let them know the money they are paying mypoints so that we can earn points….that we aren’t getting these. These companies don’t want to be conned or con us either. They won’t know if we don’t tell them. This will help protect the public and make it harder for more companies spring up and do the same if they know people won’t put up with it. Thre is strength in numbers. Let’s demand honesty and payment for what mypoints owes us.


J December 19, 2005 at 5:41 pm

I love Mypoints and have been a member for years but this concerns me. I sent them a polite email asking for assurances that this won’t happen to us. No reply as of yet… I suggest all loyal members email them saying they cannot do their holiday shopping through MyPoints without any assurance that the points will be honored.


dawne December 30, 2007 at 12:08 pm

I believe is a fraud. They do not award points as promised. I just spent 20 min taking their survey. I belong to several opinion survey sites and know when I qualify for a survey and when I don’t. Not only did I answer all questions, but at the end they asked for personal info – name and address. this survey was supposed to award 50 points. After I completed it, it knocked me out and said I didn’t qualify. WRONG! The survey questions were political and religious, including views on abortion. I answered all questions truthfully and there were a lot of them. If I didn’t qualify, it would have taken place in the first few questions. Before asking for my personal info, it said that this survey was the 1st of 6 surveys and needed my info this reason. If I didn’t qualify, why tell me that and ask for more info. I’m now wondering if they didn’t want that info so political candidates to send me their crap. Then, is too cheap to give me my points??? This isn’t the first time they have failed to award points. I will cash in what pts I have and I’m done. I’m also considering reporting them. STAY AWAY FROM MYPOINTS.COM – There are way too many reputable sites out there that award you for what claims they will – but DOES NOT.


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