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November 28, 2005 · 1 comment

I’ve referred a lot of folks to QuizPoints because they have great shopping rates (see the 2005 Shopping Comparison chart) and they have friendly and receptive customer service. But do they pay? And how quickly?
I recently requested my first cashout there, for an Amazon GC, and I received it by snail-mail within about 5 days! Nice!
The key to getting your redemption fastest is to pick a redemption that is marked “one day shipping.” Other redemptions will come fairly quickly, too; they just have to order them first, so figure on a few extra days. And if there’s a particular redemption you’d like that they don’t have, just email them about it! I think they have other options available that aren’t posted.
Also, I wanted to note that QuizPoints credits for offers completed fairly quickly (within a few days, although the site indicates it can be longer…I think they’re just trying to be conservative in their estimate so they can surprise everybody with how fast they actually do credit). AND you can earn 2 free points a day just by submitting a freebie in their Freebie section!
I just placed a big order through QP for a LCD monitor at Dell. Waiting to see how long shopping takes to post to my account; will update this when it does. Update, 12/4: My points credited to my account today!

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Russell Waldall December 22, 2005 at 5:34 am

I think Quizpoints is the best rewards site i have seen. They run this web site as good as i’ve seen. Its really interesting to see all the new updates especially the friends section. They are really fast with your reward credits and their rewards are in the mail as soon as you order them. Great site. Five Stars!!!!!!!


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