Vesdia Becomes Part Owner and Manager of SchoolPop

November 12, 2005 · 0 comments

The Vesdia Corporation, the owner of some college-savings-themed rewards programs like BabyMint, StockBack, NestEggz, FundraiserRewards, announced yesterday that it was buying a “significant equity interest” in and would become the manager of that program.
The news release is here.
This will allow Schoolpop to take advantage of Vesdia’s more extensive list of merchant partners, plus expand their program’s marketing. The press release indicates that Schoolpop members will be offered a rebate credit card in the near future (a feature all of Vesdia’s programs offer). This makes me think it will remain a separate entity, instead of being rolled into another of Vesdia’s existing sites.
If you’re a current Schoolpop member, I wouldn’t be too concerned — Vesdia is a strong company with a lot of experience running rewards programs; I can only see this as being a change for the better for you.

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