MyPoints Brings Back Instant Win Game

November 9, 2005 · 0 comments

MyPoints has brought back the scratch-off game they had running this May, but with a few changes. There will be 2002 total winners (vs. 433 in May) but this time you can either win 1,000 points, or the 100,000 point grand prize (in May, you could also have won 10,000 points). So they eliminated that middle tier prize level to offer more 1,000-point prizes. Hey, that works better for me, anyway — I’d rather more chances to win SOMETHING than a lesser chance of winning more.
The game runs through midnight on 12/31/05, and MyPoints members can play up to 3 times daily, by clicking a link at the top left of when logged in. There are 2,002 computer-generated winning times, and the person playing at or nearest after that time will be generated a winning card worth 1,000 MyPoints (MP values this as being worth $6.10; I calculate it as worth a little more but it depends on the particular redemption chosen)…but ONE lucky person will win 100,000 points instead (they say it’s worth about $610).
If the winner is Canadian, he’ll have to answer a special time-sensitive question to receive his points. No respect for the Great White North, eh?
When you get a non-winning game card, you may be offered double points at Macy’s, Overstock, or BestBuy. MyPoints is already paying a ridiculously high rate for Overstock purchases (10 points per dollar translates to 8.3%, the closest other rewards program, according to my 2005 shopping comparison chart, is at 4%), so doubling that would make a VERY tempting offer.
Just remember that they’re going to be sold, and that shopping through them is a risk (either that the program will close down or that your points will be devalued by the new owner). If you’re cool with that, go ahead; their Overstock double-points offer IS a good deal.
(Please note also that double BestBuy points would be nice; their current 2 points per dollar = about 1.7% while their closest competitor is at 1.6%; doubling that would be great. But if you’re offered double points at Macy’s, you should pass: there are several other sites that already pay more than double MyPoints’ current rate for Macy’s. See the link above to the shopping comparison for more details.)

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