Freeride Unveils Holiday Shopping Promotion

November 3, 2005 · 0 comments

…and America yawned.
If you earn 50,000-99,999 points, you get 5,000 tokens, a magazine subscription, and a t-shirt. The tokens are worth about $5, the magazines can be bought anywhere on the ‘net for about $5, and how much is a t-shirt worth, anyway? Based on the value of their other redemptions, they’re charging the equivalent of about $18 to cash out for it…c’mon, it’s a t-shirt! Anyway, give ‘em the benefit of the doubt, and these three items are worth $28.
There aren’t many merchants listed that qualify (24), but they say they’re adding more soon. The average number of tokens per dollar that these merchants pay is 55. So, to earn 50,000 tokens, enough to get this great $28 value prize, you’d need to spend around $909 through them between now and December 31. It works out to, on average, about a 3% bonus. Now you could get this great $28 prize package by spending just $500 at Collectibles Today (at 100 tokens per dollar), or $2,500 at Macy’s (at 20 tokens per dollar).
They’re also offering to folks who earn 100,000 tokens or more a $25 GC, the magazine subcription, and the t-shirt. That comes out to about a $48 prize. At the 55 token per dollar average that these merchants are offering, you’d have to spend around $1,818 to qualify, and it works out to around a 2.6% bonus. Again, that $1,818 is average — you could spend just $1,000 at Collectibles Today to qualify, or $5,000 at Macy’s.
(Quickly doing mental arithmetic to figure out if hubby even EARNS $5,000 between now and December 31…)
The person who spends the most *at specific merchants* gets a “Holiday Gift Pack worth $500.” No specifics on what it is and who determined its worth. It could be 28 of their t-shirts. ;)
In summary: In its latest incarnation, Freeride seems to be a nice enough site and it pays about average for shopping vs. other rewards programs, but unless you’re planning to spend around a thousand bucks online between now and 12/31, and only at the specific merchants that participate in this promotion, these bonuses (not worth all that much to begin with) are out of your reach.

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