LuckyPoints and SavingsRegisterRewards to Close

September 20, 2005 · 2 comments

***Update 11/9/05: (rofl) Now LP and SRR say, “Sorry for the scare,” that despite yesterday’s message, users still have until 12/1 to redeem points. Get a clue…and a spellchecker, Memolink.
**Update 11/08/05: LP and SRR’s sites this morning state that all earnings AND redemptions are over. They still have trivia up, though.

Yep, and are shutting down.
The Site of the Day at SRR has been gone for months, and LuckyPoints’ has been missing for the past week. We all knew that couldn’t be a good sign. Late yesterday, members at both sites were greeted with this message:
“We regret to inform you that we are discontinuing the [or SavingsRegisterRewards] rewards program. We value your membership and have made sure that you still have enough time to earn points and order your last prizes. Click the “View Site of the Day” link to learn more.”
When you do, they say they’re giving users until 10/3 to earn points and until 12/1 to redeem them, and they’re promising delivery of all prizes by 12/15. The sites will stay up until 12/31. Users who haven’t received their prizes by 12/31 are told to contact Memolink at
No idea about whether they’ll honor any pending points (for example, if you do/have done any shopping or signups. The lowest redemptions available are for $5 in Burger King Bucks for 5000 points (click Prizes, Fast Food), or for Tsunami Aid (click Prizes, Charity) — 1,750 points for $2 or 4,000 points for $5.
Right now, (the other site “powered by Memolink”) is still up and running, with its Site of the Day up as normal. Hope Publisher’s Clearing House, who funds it, continues to find it profitable.
For whatever it’s worth (so you can have another company to throw darts at or whatever), remember that SavingsRegisterRewards was owned by the parent company of Milesource — more on that here.
Other relevant articles (in chronological order): Reviews Up, Daily Points & Site Visits Dropped at 3 Sites, SavingsRegisterRewards Eliminates SOTD & Site Visits, LuckyPoints Drops SOTD Points to 5
[waves to the Memolink staff caught lurking here on 9/20 and several times on 9/22... not going to leave anymore fake comments, pretending to be diehard fans of Memolink defending their favorite site? (snicker)]
In light of this news, if you are looking for a couple of good rewards programs to replace LuckyPoints and SavingsRegisterRewards, please let me suggest and — click to see my reviews and email me if you have any questions at all about how these two WONDERFUL sites work! And you can get the answers to their daily trivia questions here!

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Anonymous September 20, 2005 at 4:54 pm

so unfair. I’m so close to a cashout level… but to far to get it 10 points a day until the deadline. They should offer some lower cashouts.


Anonymous September 20, 2005 at 5:39 pm

Information on Lucky Points and Savings Register Rewards has been updated. Can earn points on LP and SRR through Oct.2nd. Can cashout through Dec. 1st. All prizes ordered should arrive by Dec. 31st, 2005.


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