Memolink Changes Referral Program

September 13, 2005 · 0 comments

If you had any referrals under the old system, too darned bad, says Henry Bullis. Ya lost ‘em. Suck it up. Oh, but if you go recruit some MORE unsuspecting newbies for us, we’ll give you a percentage of the offers they complete during their registration (and then only). Or since it’s so hard to find people who’ll touch Memolink with a ten-foot-pole, if you can get non-members to complete Memolink offers, we’ll toss you a kickback on that, too. Okay, yeah, that’s paraphrased a tad, from an email that a user sent me (I’ll keep her anonymous to cover her behind), but that’s basically the gist of it. Sad, huh? I know there are folks who insist, “Hey, they’ve always sent me what they owed fairly quickly!” (The Lucky Ones, I call them.) But I just don’t understand why you’d want to bother with a program that pays less for offers, pays less for shopping, pays less for daily clicks, and screws around its users more, than EVERYBODY ELSE. Need some GOOD program recommendations? Ask me. I have a list. Or go browse through the 30 or so programs I have listed here. Do an eenie-meanie-miney-mo on it and I guarantee you you’ll end up with a better program. It’s a free country, stick with ‘em if you insist. But hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you! ;)

The actual text of Memolink’s email regarding their new referral program follows.

Unfortunately Memolink has dropped the old referral program, but we have launched a completely new way to earn referral points. Any referral points pending that you had from your old account data were already transferred over to your current points total and were instantly credited.

We hope you’ll like the change in the new referral program , though. Instead of just referring your friends, and depending on them to stay active on the site to earn you points, you can refer as many folks as you want, as well as referring specific offers to others later. Here’s how it works – you can refer people to the site and earn 10% of the points they earn DURING their registration. Then you can refer offers you see on the site to people too and earn 10% of the points they earn on those offers! And the best part is, you can refer offers to anyone, whether they have a Memolink account or not. Now there’s two ways to earn referral points instead of just one!

Henry Bullis
Director of Member Support
Memolink, Inc.

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