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Program Closed Nov 2003

Date Launched: 1999
Reward Per Dollar Spent: Varies
Minimum to Redeem: 20,000 pts
Prizes Offered: Amazon GCs, cash (thru MoneyZap), Webcerts
Full Prize List:
Earn Points For: Shopping, signups, website visits, referrals
Participating Merchants List:

Limit One Account Per: Individual 13 years or older. Note: Fast Clicks are limited to one per day per computer.

Dollar Value of a Point: $0.000125 for Amazon GC, $0.000114 for MoneyZap (cash), or $0.000111 for WCs
Daily “Free” Points: Around 260 (varies)
Value of those Free Points: About 3 cents per day

Common Rewards for Shopping and their % Equivalents: 75 Points Per Dollar = about 0.83%
100 Points Per Dollar = about 1.11%
150 Points Per Dollar = about 1.67%
200 Points Per Dollar = about 2.22%

Notes: See above regarding Fast Clicks limitations.

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