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August 21, 2005 · 0 comments

Update 9/20: BigBig returned “good as new” on 9/13, but it’s down again today due to a database error. This happened from time to time BEFORE the site hack, and it would only last a day or so. Hope that’s all that’s going on right now; will just have to wait and see.
My favorite deal site and its message forum have been down since Friday and I’m in major withdrawal. And since most forums have rules against discussing OTHER forums, getting info about what happened is proving to be pretty tricky. However, thanks to a note in my daily trivia answers email, I got in touch with a lady who was able to get in to BigBig late on Thursday and found something rather strange.
Martha says that the site had some strange music and some text in a strange font and that at first glance she saw the word “devil” and thought maybe she had downloaded a virus, so she quickly shut her computer down. The next morning when she went back to BigBig, the site was not found.
Tonight Martha wrote that she decided to go back into her browser history for Thursday, and when she did, she saw a strange URL that just looked like this: >>>_|_nEt^DeVIL_|_|Rlz!!|<<< When she clicked on it, it tried to take her to BigBig.
In doing some digging on the ‘net, it appears that “Net Devil” is a hacker that takes advantage of a back door in several of the popular forum software programs to hijack the forum. BigBig isn’t the first victim of this person/persons; Martha was able to find a German site that had been hacked and looked very similar to how she remembered BigBig looking on Thursday night. In Googling around this evening, I’ve found many, many more. Some appear to be done by a German group, others by some kinda Muslim group. Eh, they’re all in the Crazy Guys With Nothing Else Better to Do Group, IMHO.
I’m SURE that Alex of BigBig has backups made of the forum and the site, and I know that they’ll be back up soon. IN THE MEANTIME, however, here are a few alternative forums I can suggest:
- FatWallet’s Forum:
-’s Forum:
-’s Forum (AKA
-’s Forum:
-’s Forum:
-’s Forum:
-’s Forum:
- MyCoupons’ Forum:

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