FusionCash.net Program Review

August 13, 2005 · 0 comments

FusionCash.net Program Review – Updated 5/06
Please click here to join. NOTE: Free $5 to your account when you join!
Date Launched: June 1, 2005
Reward Per Dollar Spent: Varies
Minimum to Redeem: $25, with at least $15 in personal (not referral) earnings
Prizes Offered: Cash rebate
Cashout Options: PayPal, NeTeller, ePassporte Virtual Visa, Check. See site for details.
Earn Cash For: Initial registration, signups, referrals ($1 each and an additional $2 when they cash out — spamming with your link strictly prohibited)
List of All Offers: http://www.fusioncash.net/alloffers.php
Limit One Account Per: U.S. household, age 18+ (under 13 with parental permission).
1. Be SURE to remember the .NET in the address. The .com domain, owned by someone else, is an adult site.
2. The site currently has over 250 offers, some which require a credit card and some that do not.
3. FusionCash’s rates are very competitive compared to similar sites, offers credit quickly, and if you do need to contact customer service they’re fast and helpful.
4. Payout is once monthly, by the 20th of the month following your request. They routinely pay early, though, as you can see from my account history below, in fact, it seems they pay earlier every month:
Requested $67.00 PayPal on 12/18/05 and paid on 12/20/05
Requested $116.00 PayPal on 12/30/05 and paid on 1/19/06
Requested $84.60 PayPal on 1/31/06 and paid on 2/19/06
Requested $68.20 PayPal on 2/28/06 and paid on 3/15/06
Requested $107.10 PayPal on 3/31/06 and paid on 4/11/06
Requested $39.00 PayPal on 4/30/06 and paid on 5/5/06.
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