News Flash!: Memolink Run By Trained Chimps!

August 9, 2005 · 0 comments

Okay, no, I have no proof of this, and just between us, I think trained chimps would have had the sense to BETA-TEST the new software before it went live…but I’m running out of explanations for all the constant snafus over at Memolink.

The latest: yesterday Memolink warned users to “not freak out” if they noticed recently credited points were missing. “Some offers were accidentally credited to member’s account [sic] twice last week and in order to fix this, we are have [sic again] to remove all the points first and then fix the report and add the proper amount of points back into the accounts. There will be a time in between [sic yet again] when the points will basically be ‘gone’ but they will come back sometime tomorrow or by Wednesday afternoon at the latest.”

Ya know, I can’t decide if I should be happy that at least they’re being honest now when they screw things up, or if I should be irritated at their recent decision to be more folksy and conversational in their communications with users…which to me seems forced and phony, and frankly, for a supposedly large organization like Memolink, pretty unprofessional.

Eh, whatever. Just reporting it, for those of you who insist on continuing to give them your time.

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