Last Night’s Chat and the Newsletter’s Second Birthday

August 1, 2005 · 0 comments

Last week my daily trivia newsletter celebrated its second birthday, and several program owners were incredibly generous in donating “birthday gifts” to my subscribers. We finished up the week with a large chat last night — a marathon session that ran nearly 5 hours and so jammed up the chat room that it became almost inoperable and we had to split into TWO chat rooms for a good portion of the evening, with me and the program owners doing double-duty in both!
First — I want to note those program owners kind enough to attend the chat and to donate prizes during it and earlier in the week: Dmitry and Eugene of, Chris of, James of, the management team, Vince of, and Bonnie of These folks listen to your input and making a sincere effort to tailor their programs to the needs and desires of their members. They really LISTEN to us. The fact that they took time out of their busy weekend (not to mention money out of their pockets) for last night’s chat and giveaways really says a lot about how much they care. If you’re looking for a site to join, PLEASE give these folks your consideration. They’re putting 110% into their respective sites…plus they’re just darned nice folks. :)
Next — I want to apologize for the technical problems that we experienced last night due to the overwhelming attendance in chat! I know there were a lot of folks who wanted to make it but got errors in trying to get into the chat room or had problems with lockups or lag time in chat. I just was not expecting the incredible response to this, and before next year’s big birthday bash I’ll have a more reliable chat provider in place, I promise! At one point we had over 60 people online between the two chat rooms, and I know we would’ve had more if we hadn’t had all the glitches.
This brings me to my last comment — your support of my daily newsletter and my website here just leaves me (almost! hehe) speechless. I am very honored that you choose this site as a source for information regarding rewards programs, and that so many of you (700 and counting) trust me to provide your daily trivia answers and rewards programs news by email each day. While I don’t always get a chance to respond to everyone’s emails individually, your kind comments and helpful tips are very much appreciated. Thank you for all of your support!

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