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July 24, 2005 · 0 comments

As the 2005 Shopping Comparison that I posted the other day revealed, G2G is offering some fantastic rates for shopping right now. They’re doing this as a limited time promotion to attract attention to their new program. Giving2Gether is set up as a community of givers, with a focus on supporting worthy charities with your rebate dollars; however, if you’re, umm…selfish?, like me and want to keep your rebate for yourself, that’s cool, too! If you’re affiliated with a non-profit, like a church, a school, an animal support cause, a disease research cause, etc. — you can sign your organization up and promote your link to your members.
Got questions on how this works? Check out the program and come back tonight at 8pm Eastern time and enter our Chat Room to talk with the program owner himself! Vince Martin has graciously agreed to join us then to field questions and share information about his program! Hope you can make it!

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