QuickRewards’ Frequent Shopper Promotion

July 12, 2005 · 0 comments

Through August 15th, members of QuickRewards’ Frequent Shopper Program are eligible for extra rebates when they shop at QR!
The more you shop, the more you save! If you place 1 order, you will get a 5% reward bonus (5% bonus to your cash back rebate, not overall order) and then for each additional order you place you will earn 1% (maximum 10%). In other words — you can earn up to an additional 10% cash back bonus on top of the rebate cash back rate. Here’s the basic idea:
Order 1: 5%
Order 2: 6%
Order 3: 7%
Order 4: 8%
Order 5: 9%
Order 6 and up: 10%
Couplea notes: Promotion can

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