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June 25, 2005 · 0 comments

I am very happy to tell you that Bonnie, the owner of ClickToTheMagic, is back from a brief leave to deal with some family stuff (including the birth of her daughter). She left a lengthy news item yesterday affirming her commitment to CttM and saying that she and the site ARE here to stay! The full text of her news post is below (click Continue to read it in its entirity). Congrats on the new baby, Bonnie, and welcome back!
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June Update, All Members PLEASE READ!! – 6/24/2005 11:05:00 PM at 6/24/2005 11:05:00 PM
Hello to all members, new and old! It seems it is long overdue to update everyone on CttM and everything. Please read….
First let me start by saying, as of Monday, June 27, I will be resuming my main responsibilities to Click to the Magic. I am more than happy to be back! Many of you have emailed for a baby report ~ Jordan Alexis was born to us on May 6th, missing my birthday by 2 days and Cinco de Mayo (05-05-05) by 1 and yes, she IS a girl, those ultrasounds were right after all, but I was hoping…. What more can I say, she’s beautiful!!! More on Jordan coming soon including pictures….
Secondly, it would appear to many that I have given up on the site despite my posting on several forums as well as CttM that we would be having a child and taking time off. This is very far from the truth and I am putting an end to these rumors. I’ve always believed in an open door policy and encourage everyone to come to me first with concerns before starting the ugly rumor mill that is the ‘Net. I need to make everyone aware that CttM has always been one of my main priorities second to family and up until recently, the site, despite some server issues among other things, members have always been paid. There is talk on many internet forums that redemptions are not being sent. Yes, I am behind in sending them only due to time constraints and trying to bring a few other Cast Members up to speed on how the site works. A few redemptions are among the missing and a few cards have been canceled and reissued. Please be assured that everyone owed a redemption WILL receive them. I am working to get all credits done and redemptions sent as well as all outstanding support requests replied to. I am not making excuses for my actions, nor do I feel the need to, however, it has been brought to my attention that these concerns need to be addressed. I take full responsibility for CttM and with so many sites closing down, I need to reassure everyone that CttM is here to stay!
I have in the past read other webmaster’s replies to defend their sites as well as members who post about something a webmaster wrote. I have to agree with many of them. Not many members realize what we go through to be able to bring offers to a site or what the cost of operating a site entails. Webmasters are constantly flamed for finally speaking their mind mostly out of frustration and anger to a remark or a threat a disgruntled member may have posted on an internet forum. I do not feel that is something I need to do, but I am posting this report to provide reassurance to my members that even when I feel this way myself, I resolve issues best I can, hold my head high and continue to build CttM. Many sites get caught up in over offering points or are not aware of what a few dishonest members can cause. Webmasters all feel the same frustration of constantly defending their sites when members threaten to “expose” them for what they feel is fraud when it simply comes down to too many dishonest people creating bogus accounts for their own personal gain then complaining when these bogus accounts are not paid. This is not always the case, don’t get me wrong. There are 99 honest members for each dishonest member. I see it daily when I have to close duplicate accounts because someone created 2 or more accounts with different email addresses, hence the “virtual member” is created. More is going out than is coming in creating a negative cash flow for a site and payments do get behind. No one wants to know this though. Another issue no one realizes is, webmasters get paid usually monthly, but members cash out daily so there is a wait time. Everyone wants instant gratification and many webmasters run at a 30 to 45 net day pay schedule. So what of the sites that pay instantly? Yes, they do exist, however, no one realizes that these particular webmasters do not have the overhead of things such as a mortgage or time constraints due to family activities and many are young adults working out of their parents’ home, therefore, they are able to pay much quicker. For larger sites that expense includes several employees as well as office space rent. You get the point…
It deeply saddens me that there are a few members who feel it necessary to take it upon themselves who wish to report CttM for negative issues for their own personal justification. While I cannot be held responsible for the actions of others, I am grateful to my members who are understanding and have been patient during my absence. I am the first to admit I feel horrible things have gotten so far behind and I am personally doing my best to get all issues resolved. It is a great shame for the few to affect the many. My personal response to these few is that CttM is for fun and entertainment and even though many hours go into clicking offers and other internet activities, please remember that no one will ever get rich on rewards sites, especially not the webmaster. I am fully aware that every penny helps and even though members may put in 10 minutes a day earning points, it takes several hours a day to manage a site for thousands of members. I am grateful for each and every member and it has been a pleasure to meet so many different people who share the same interest as I do! CttM is a passion for me to express my love of web development and sharing with everyone. I do not profit from CttM as expenses of hosting, software, service pretty much take up every cent after redemptions are calculated. For the members who feel slighted in my absence that their time has been compromised, I would suggest canceling their accounts so that members who enjoy CttM may continue to do so. I will fully understand any member who wishes to do so. I’ve been asked repeatly why I continue CttM if I’m not rolling in the dough, and I reply to them that I do it for the love of working on it and if I want to roll in the dough, all I have to do is go to “The Shop”.
By “The Shop” I mean just that. I would also like to make everyone aware that CttM shares my time with my other “child” if you will. In addition to CttM, my hubby and I also are fortunate enough to own the deli/pizza place where we met over 10 years ago. Mezzaluna was his dream as CttM was mine and he was more than accepting of my decision to create CttM and not rejoin Corporate America after the birth of our third child. Most days, we can be found working side by side there with me keeping CttM online at the shop so that I could maintain it remotely. Not only have I been away from CttM, but we also had to make a difficult decision to shut down our shop for 6 weeks for medical concerns during the time leading up to the arrival of our daughter. I share this with you, my members, so that everyone will be aware of our total commitment to both CttM as well as our customers at our shop. We have a great following of loyal customers and yes, they too, were concerned that we would not be re-opening our shop. I’ve had to take the past 2 weeks to re-open as hubby took a job for health insurance and wouldn’t be able to resume full time at the shop until last week. We were fortunate to welcome everyone back these last two weeks and it’s been great seeing everyone again! (I must add we have the best pizza in town and just received honorable mentions for both our pizza and subs on the South Shore!!!)
At any rate, as I have said, I just wanted to let everyone know the status of CttM. I will be taking CttM offline July 1 for about 1 hour while I get the new site uploaded so in case anyone goes to log on and not find the site, no one panics that it is gone. All I ask of everyone is that each member allows me a bit more time to get everything caught back up. I have no intention of skipping town and have spent the better part of the last nine months creating the new site. The new layout is designed to attract more supporters and merchants to CttM so that I can offer my members a more involved and point earning opportunity site. Please also be aware that when all is caught up, I will be reviewing accounts and closing inactive and duplicates. This will help expedite areas that are currently taking more time to review than necessary.
As I am forbidden from posting on several forums, please feel free to post this as you will. I’m sure there will be several nay-sayers who will flame my response, but I am also confident that there are several members who are understanding of the situation and will appreciate my efforts to make everyone aware. As I often tell my hubby when someone reports on the townie forum about our shop, there is no way in Hell to make everyone happy so just focus and concentrate on the support we have and continue to provide the best possible product and service we can!
From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely say all this to you and welcome your comments and suggestions. I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible to everyone and have gotten quite good at holding a baby in one hand and typing with the other! :)
OK, it’s now 1:52 A.M. and I’ve spent the last hour and a half composing this report to you, in the words of Stephen King, “Constant Reader” or in CttM’s case, “Constant Member” <>. I have tried to put my deepest heartfelt apologies into this and each word has been thought out with each and every member in mind. I do have to get some sleep tonight as I get to go play pizza maker in the morning. That and Jordan is waking up for her nightly!! I just want to thank everyone for reading and hope this sheds some light on CttM’s situation.
Welcome back and thank you, everyone, for your continued support and understanding! It is GREAT TO BE BACK TO SUCH A WONDERFUL GROUP OF MEMBERS!!!!
Bonnie Corso, CEO

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