Sploofus Adds New Monthly Prizes!

May 22, 2005 · 0 comments

Sploofus just announced that as of June 1, there will be 6 leaderboards, and the top 3 monthly scorers in 5 of them will receive Amazon GCs!
1. Quiz Author Leaderboard — points earned from people taking your quizzes
2. Quiz Taker Leaderboard — points earned from taking other people’s quizzes
3. WordPuzzles Leaderboard — points earned from playing WordPuzzles (note that there will be more than one WP per day coming soon!)
4. WordRounds Leaderboard — points earned from playing WordRounds
5. TQOTD Leaderboard — points earned from the trivia question of the day, including the time bonus (but not wagers)
and the unpaid leaderboard,
6. All-Time Jackpot Leaderboard — points earned from all of the above plus wagers and showdowns. Unlike the other leaderboards, this one is not reset monthly. Points in this leaderboard aren’t rewarded with GCs, but points will be exchangeable for lottery tickets or used to purchase Sploofus merchandise (coming soon).
Now there’ll be 15 monthly GCs given out instead of just 3! And I am totally stoked that there will be WordRounds prizes now — it is the most addictive game of all of ‘em!
Great time to join if you haven’t already! Please click here and sign up now!

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