Crediting Problems at Memolink and ML-Run Sites

May 12, 2005 · 0 comments

A subscriber to my newsletter, K., mailed to say she’s having issues with EIGHT different point offers not being credited at PCHPoints. After forwarding all the requisite information to them to investigate, they’ve sent her form letters for three of the eight offers saying that they had contacted their affiliate manager for (fill-in-the-blank) program and they had no record of her successfully completing the offer through MEMOLINK, so they would be unable to credit her Memolink account with points. It was signed Robert Mayfield, Memolink Member Support. Uh, hello? They can’t keep straight what program they’re providing support for?

Update, 5/13/05:
Got an email from newsletter subscriber Z., who is having trouble with a 9500 point offer not being credited by SavingsRegisterRewards — she got the same form letter that subscriber K. got (only it was from Henry Bullis), saying that their affiliate manager said she was not in the report of people successfully completing the offer through a SRR link. I’m beginning to see a pattern here that I do not like. We’re going to have to watch to make sure the sites Memolink runs under license (PCHP, SRR, and LP) do not go down the drain the way Memolink did.

Subscriber S. writes that about a year ago, Memolink told her to shop through a different rewards program, since they were only able to credit her for about 5 of her 10 orders at Sierra Trading Post! Now if that’s not an admission that they’ve got problems, I dunno what is!

Another of my subscribers also emailed to say she was really aggravated — she thought Memolink was improving after they finally sent her some outstanding redemptions, so she made a purchase through them and guess what? Not only are they not crediting her for it, they haven’t replied to her two polite inquiries!

Update, 5/15/05:
Newsletter subscriber J. writes that she completed an offer at PCHPoints and the points credited at Memolink instead! She also had a problem with SavingsRegisterRewards points not crediting, and got no response from SRR (they actually closed out her complaint without replying!), so she emailed MEMOLINK (interesting strategy!) and they got her SRR points credited the next day! On the other hand, H.M. is having trouble with Memolink not crediting for 5 different purchases (over 6000 points), dating back to 8/04-12/04. 15 emails later and still no resolution.

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