New Superpoints Review with Invitation Link to Join

July 16, 2014 · 0 comments

Two years ago, Superpoints — home of the insanely addictive Superlucky Button — shut down abruptly when the company managing the site went out of business.  I’m pleased to announce that Superpoints is back!  Scam or legit site?  Here is my revised review:

Superpoints is an invitation-only free-to-join points-based rewards program that allows you to earn points, redeemable for free gift cards and other merchandise prizes, in various ways:

  • superpoints invitation click hereCompleting surveys
  • Completing offers on the Trialpay offer portal such as downloading apps, joining websites, and entering contests
  • Winning random points through clicking the Superlucky Button
  • Referring friends (both when they join and as a percentage of their Superlucky Button wins)
  • Sponsoring people who come to the site without an invitation…they become your referral, too

Membership is by invitation only:  here is my invitation link to join Superpoints.

As you earn points, you gradually increase your XP level.  That’s a good thing, because when your XP level goes up, you get more clicks of the Superlucky Button each day, and more opportunities to sponsor new members.

superpointsinvitationlinkAbout the Superlucky Button:  In order to increase your daily available clicks from 10 to 100, you’ve got two options:  refer five friends and sponsor one more…or just pay $14.95 a year.  This optional paid membership gives you a couple of other perks:  no ads during Superlucky Button play, and priority in processing your points redemptions.

Another interesting twist at Superpoints is something called Karma, which is a ranking of 0 to 5 depending on the type and frequency of activities you do on the site.  If you’re more active, you’ll have more Karma, and that unleashes a multiplier effect on the points you earn.

Use my Superpoints invitation link to sign up if you’re in the US and you’re 18 or older.  Limit one membership per household.

Please note:  Superpoints is VERY vigilant about monitoring accounts for fraud.  You can’t refer your toddler, your dog, and your dead grandma.  They will find out, and you’ll lose ALL accounts.

I’ve been a member of the new Superpoints for two weeks and have already earned enough almost enough for a $25 GC…could have cashed in at $10 but I wanted a bigger reward!  I’m excited to see Superpoints return, and so far, I’m lovin’ the new site!

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