Sploofus Seeks Investor

April 19, 2005 · 0 comments

Sploofus.com issued a press release today requesting interested parties contact them if they could possibly provide some capital for the site. Some intended uses for this capital include staffing, rewards, enhanced infrastructure (hmm, that’s hardware, right?), realtime multiplayer games (don’t understand that one…WordRounds?), marketing, and commercial software licensing models (another I’m unclear on). The site has over 5,000 users now, according to the statement. Interested? Contact support@sploofus.com with your name, phone number, best time to reach you, and a brief history of your investment experience.
The full text of the press release is below.

PRESS RELEASE – Open distribution
April 19, 2005
Less than 9 months after a hasty launch, Sploofus.com has exploded to over 5,000 registered members, thousands of trivia quizzes in hundreds of topics, and nearly 100,000 page views per day. That is an astounding 3,000,000 page impressions per month!
We have accomplished this with absolutely no startup capital… only a dream, some homegrown programming, and a wonderful community of Sploofuseers.
Today, Sploofus is officially entering a seed-stage venture capital round. Our goal is to raise money for the implementation of a comprehensive business plan that will diversify the Sploofus Engine in new market segments, with fewer usage constraints and limitations. This capital will be used for many things, some of which include:
- Full-time and responsive support staff
- Larger and faster rewards
- Enhanced network infrastructure
- Real-time multiplayer games
- Massive marketing campaigns to attract new users
- Commercial software licensing models
Sploofus is the first of many Aggregate Data Gateway’s (

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