BzzAgent Announces New Program for Book Readers

April 15, 2005 · 0 comments

Read this on about a new BzzAgent site devoted to book readers. I didn’t have a link to join it but you may — these things are available based on your demographics.
Anyway, here’s what BzzAgent says about the new book site: “…what’s the Penguin BzzChannel? Well for anyone who loves reading, this is the preeminent means possible to gain access to book BzzCampaigns. You’ll essentially have access to a wide variety of books that only participants in the Penguin BzzChannel will be able to take part in. An easy way to think of the Penguin BzzChannel is to think of a cable network. The Penguin BzzChannel would be like ESPN or HBO and. Make sense? It is still part of our site and part of our network, but it is focused entirely on Penguin programs. Our goal with this site is to help great readers discover great new writers and spreading honest Bzz is one of the ways…”

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