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PointPool Program Review – Note: Site shut down in 2007; see my post here.

Please click here to join.

Date Launched: Unsure
Reward Per Dollar Spent: Varies
Minimum to Redeem: 975 for a coupon book; 1,500 for GCs; 2000 for magazines
Prizes Offered: GCs, PayPal, magazine subscriptions
Full Prize List: http://www.pointpool.com/spend_alpha.asp
Earn Points For: Shopping, signups, website visits, referrals
Participating Merchants List: http://www.pointpool.com/earnon_alpha.asp

Limit One Account Per: Individual 13 years or older, with unique email address

Dollar Value of a Point: Approximately $0.004545 for $25 GCs (slightly higher for Shell GC); $0.003636 for $20 PayPal; $0.0045 for cheapest magazines
Daily “Free” Points: About 8
Value of those Free Points: About 3.6 cents per day

Common Rewards for Shopping and their % Equivalents (note: calculated including the current 35% bonus):
3 Points Per Dollar = 1.84%
5 Points Per Dollar = 3.07%
7 Points Per Dollar = 4.30%
10 Points Per Dollar = 6.14%
12 Points Per Dollar = 7.36%
15 Points Per Dollar = 9.20%

Notes: (1) Receive a 200 point bitcard (a code you use to deposit 200 points back into your account) with every magazine or GC redemption
(2) Some daily site visit points are hidden; either check unmarked links to see if you receive credit or sign up for our trivia email for the daily links
(3) Currently PointPool is offering 35% bonus on shopping offers in addition to their stated rates
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